Denhart's Mercantile

Frequently Asked Questions

This website is still under construction, so if you have any trouble ordering something, please give us a call.  Yes, we can and do talk to people!!  We are always happy to answer your inquiries!  Call us at 888-DENHART or 765-339-4713.  Or email us-


Can I visit you?

Yes!  Our store is generally open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9-5 Saturday 9-Noon  Check our Facebook Page, for any changes, or call ahead if you are traveling a distance to be sure.  Our barn is open seasonally for Show Pig sales.  Check out details on barn openings at

Do you carry more than what is on this site?

YES!  We have a great selection of clothing, jewelry, belts, boots, home decor and MORE!!  We are well worth the trip!!.

If an item is not available on the website, can you get more?

It depends.  Many of the items we sell are available only when we order them, some we can continue to reorder (Most of those have unlimited for inventory status).  It never hurts to ask! 

If I am looking for something special, can you help?

Yes we can!  We love special requests!  Our trips to market usually include a list of special requests.  Artwork or furniture, custom order belts or purses.  Wedding jewelry, decorations and Wedding Party gifts.  And we will search in your budget!!

Do you take your store on the road?

Yes again!  We have a beautiful trailer that we take out!  Generally within a few hours from home but if you have a show in mind, let us know about it.  Follow our Facebook page to see where we are headed next!

Do you do Fund Raising?

We are willing to help you out.  We can host an event at the store, in the trailer or with a product on-line!  Give us a call and let's talk about it!